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Bartolini’s firm is located in Masiano, two kilometres far from the motorway exit of Pistoia. It is in the centre of the great nursery district which is well-known all over the world for the excellent production and for the offer of ornamental green plants.

Figures testify how important this reality is: the nursery sector in Pistoia represents 11% of the GDP of the provincial administration of Pistoia. The GDP has increased by average 8% per year for 25 years.  In total there are 5200 hectares of  cultivated lands (the plants cultivated in pots occupy 1000 hectares), 1500 firms, 5500 workers (of whom 2500 are employees) and numerous satellite industries. Sales amounts to 300 million euros (of which 160 million euros is the amount of the export)

This is the background of Bartolini’s firm. It grants a great efficiency, a high quality and

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